Linda Clarke

We were lucky enough to hire the Striper snatcher guide, Derrick Franks for a night fishing trip on Lake Pleasant. We love to fish. We try to find a fishing trip no matter where we travel, including China. We met Derrick in the marina at Lake Pleasant. Right off the bat we talked to a fellow who was taking his boat out of the water while we were launching. He said he had been skunked. He fished the lake all the time and said the fish were just not biting. We thought, “Oh well- it has happened to us, too- but ….”. Derrick started us off to a cove in the lake and within 10 minutes we were catching fish, one after the other. My husband got two big mouth bass – good size ones too. We probably had 40 keepers. Derrick has a really nice boat, too. We are used to our jonboat. His boat made the long boat rides were very comfortable at about 35 mph. Derrick was very eager to share his knowledge. He told us about reading the depth finder, the type of bait/lure to use according to the fishing conditions, the winds, and the habits of the various fish. He helped me especially- even after I managed to wrap my line around his trolling motor. He just unwrapped it while saying, “that’s ok- don’t worry about it”. That behavior alone should get him a guide of the year award! We had a great time. We fished into the night and learned different methods. Obviously, Derrick was much better at feeling or sensing that fish tap than I was. He hauled in fish before we did. But, we were able to do it too. We will use his lessons in the future. Would we go again? Yes! We had a great time and Derrick was an easy, informed fishing guide.


Don Yardley

I’m Don Yardley and here is my review. Derrick was nice and shared many tips along the way. Nice equipment and knows how to catch lots of fish. Almost felt more like fishing with a good friend. Definitely worth the time.


Ed Sangali

Hi my name is Ed Sangali and here is my review of my trip. Derrick is the real deal when it comes to fishing for striped bass in Arizona. He was always reading the signs on the lake as well as his electronics to put us on big fish. He is an enjoyable guy to be with for a great fishing adventure on Lake Pleasant. My wife and I caught a nice stringer of striped bass that Derrick later filleted and vacuum sealed. We highly recommend him and will be going out with him again.


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